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ally. i sleep in michigan (WHOA NOT ANYMORE but my head does)
dave grohls face=my face

☠ shameless, doctor who/torchwood, black books, this is england, hannibal, adventure time, being human, fast and furious, rocky horror, les miserables, phantom of the opera, oliver twist, lotr, quentin tarantino, harry potter...
☠ nirvana, hole, the rolling stones, ramones, the pixies, barf troop, hilary duff, billie piper, selena, tom waits, andrew jackson jihad, eartha kitt, dario marianelli, really just a ton of stuff...

☠ sum tags: qt=cute animals, babe alert, inspo, cuties, music, me

~the 9th doctor & rose~
les mis=my bible
courtney+kurt and betty+bogie 4evr
i ♡ tom hardy
katie hall is really perf...
michelle rodriguez is a ☆

my saturn broke down by spoiled is my fave nail polish (this info is v important)
what else could i say? everyone is gay.

~ ♀ ~ ♀ FEMINIST LOSER ♀ ~ ♀ ~
intersectionality matters fuckers
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